Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Woman, One Life

That's what just moved into this house. It happened last weekend and I haven't been quite myself since. It was a long process last weekend, from getting to her apartment to assist with packing down to unloading into our house and shed, I'm happy it's done.

Done? Not quite. 75% of my house might look put together and neat, but take a peek into my basement and you'll see. I can't walk around my basement, I have a path from the bottom of the stairs to our storage room with our things, but nothing else. I don't like 'extra stuff', I like things to have a purpose and don't like knickknacks. Luckily my amazing husband told her she has one week (from last weekend) to clear it out, at which point I get to move in and go through the things myself. The weekend is quickly approaching and the basement continues to be, well...full. Is it bad I'm kind of hoping that she doesn't get it done so that I can go through things? I'm not a terrible person and I won't throw out or donate things that are actually important, but there is a L-O-T of 'extra stuff'.

I've definitly not been feeling myself this past week. Irritated TMJ, headaches, being moody. As this weekend approaches, I'm feeling a bit better and more hopeful of having a better and more relaxing weekend. Sleeping in is at the top of my list of things to do this weekend, along with applying to take my LISW exam, scheduling a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg, The Superbowl of Preaching at church, and baby making!

There are so many things to look forward to and to be thankful for. Mark and I both have big weekend trips coming up soon, and while they are different (Mark's annual ski trip and my girls weekend) and we won't be together I'm really excited. I always worry about Mark when we aren't with each other, especially on out of town trips without each other. I'm hoping that with me being on my own trip I will worry less, as long as we both has cell phone reception so we can talk and text. What I know won't happen is worrying less about Tera. Mark's Mom will be taking care of her. She has no experience with dogs and doesn't totally understand how or why they do what they do, but Mark and I are going to do our best with getting her ready to watch her.

I know I'll be calling a few times to check on her because I'll be worried. I can't imagine how much I'll worry when it's a real human baby. I'll be calling then too, but it's nice to know that our human baby probably won't be running away or jumping the fence in the backyard. I hope...

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